Semi-painted doodle from my art history notes (behold my sleepy handwriting I did not feel like photoshopping-out).

Just a doodle inspired by my trip to the CoMo Mall Saturday with my lil sis. She was pining after fashion again… but she’s broke.

Quick Rumple for a letter to my friend in China.

Trying to figure out how to draw my bby Connor.

Bandwagon’d with an Arcanine for Pokemon profile month on FB. 

Neighborhood Cat

Another old doodle finished up - this one from my China trip last year. Kind of inspired by this old guy I’d see hanging with a stray cat just outside of campus from time to time.. and also the flowy summer dresses and such the girls in China seem to favor. 


More bird practice~ Man, are they ugly, but those wings are amazing.


Trying to figure out how to draw bird bodies for something I want to draw. 

Nnngh. Feathers are a pain…

Another old one from March. Drawn from a stock photo of's. She has lovely features.

Old doodle I never finished from March. Referenced off a picture of on DA. I don’t know how she feels about people referencing her pics, but it was a really pretty picture and I couldn’t help myself. If there’s a problem, I’ll take it down.